Source code for pdrtpy.tool.fitmap

import numpy as np
from astropy.nddata import NDData

[docs]class FitMap(NDData): def __init__(self, data, *args, **kwargs): """ A class that can store fit objects in a data array but has all the nice WCS properties of NDData. :param data: the data set, an array of lmfit.model.ModelResult or lmfit.minimizer.MinimizerResult :type data: :class:`numpy.ndarray`-like :param name: an identifying name for this object :type name: str """ debug = kwargs.pop('debug', False) if debug: print("args=",*args) print("kwargs=",*kwargs) self._name = kwargs.pop('name',None) # NDData wants a nddata array so give it a fake one # and sub our object array afterwards _data = np.zeros(data.shape) super().__init__(_data,*args,**kwargs) self._data = data if np.shape(self._data) == (): self._data = np.array([self._data]) @property def name(self): """The name of this FitMap :rtype: str """ return self._name def __getitem__(self,i): """get the value object at array index i""" return self._data[i]
[docs] def get_pixel(self,world_x,world_y): '''Return the nearest pixel coordinates to the input world coordinates :param world_x: The horizontal world coordinate :type world_x: float :param world_y: The vertical world coordinate :type world_y: float ''' if self.wcs is None: raise Exception(f"No wcs in this FitMap {}") return tuple(np.round(self.wcs.world_to_pixel_values(world_x,world_y)).astype(int))